If you want to become a master, you practice early

The music association “Klingende Töne” e. V. exists since 1990 and is an integral part of the club life of the city of Grafenwöhr. It offers children, adolescents and adults the chance to learn different musical instruments. Singing training is also possible. We are proud to have over 100 members.

According to the motto: “If you want to become a master, you practice early”, the “Ringing Tones” also start your training at an early stage. In this way, children from the age of three can playfully collect their first and important musical impressions during their early musical education.

We offer lessons in recorder, piano, keyboard, accordion, guitar, electric guitar, drums and percussion for children from the age of six and teenagers.

The fact that music is also fun can be seen in the fact that a few young musicians from the club formed the band “Union of Rock”.

For adults, we have included lessons in the Veeh harp – a stringed instrument – in the program. To play the Veeh harp, you do not need to have a knowledge of notes in the traditional sense. A simple and clear notation was specially developed for the instrument – reduced to the essentials. Note stencils, which are pushed between the strings and the resonance body, enable playing “from the sight” – the notes become tangible.

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Musikverein “Klingende Töne” e.V.
1. Vorstand Lilia Gette

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Grund- und Mittelschule
Kolpingstraße 1
92655 Grafenwöhr

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